When comes from the west, Loncoche or Freire, once passing the city of Villarrica, take the road to Pucón. The entrance to the hotel is place at kilometer 20 of the road. This is 6 km before Pucon and 2 km after the Correntoso Bridge, in front of a very illuminated sales room of a newly built  EL REFUGIO PUCON, on the right go up 300 meters. Hook in first and go up rather fast.

When they come from the east, Camino Internacional, passing the city of Pucón take the road to Villarrica and you will find the entrance to the hotel at kilometer 6.
700 meters after Los Riscos Bridge, in front of the sales room of EL REFUGIO PUCON, on the left. Go up 300 meters. Hook in first and go up rather fast.

Any questions please call: cell +56 9 6192 5072 or landline +56 452443084.